Welfare Tech

19. Sep 2016
Welfare Tech is a national cluster for Welfare Technology in Denmark

Welfare tech is a network partner in InnoCan
Welfare Tech is

  • A national cluster for Welfare Technology in Denmark
  • A hub for innovation and business development in healthcare, homecare and social services
  • A forum for private-public knowledge sharing and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • A national entry point and test bed

Welfare technologies are health-technologies, care-technologies and medical-technologies that allow people to live more independently and/ or are making it possible to deliver healthcare services in more efficient way.
Welfare Tech is registered as an association and has approximately 200 paying members.
Karen Lindegaard
+45 3177 8078
Forskerparken 10H
DK - 5230 Odense M
SOHO, Flæsketorvet 68
DK - 1711 København V