Design School Kolding

26. Nov 2016
Design with a purpose, experiments and cooperation with the industry.

The Design School Kolding (DSKD) offers bachelor's and master's degree in fashion and textile, industrial design, communication design and accessory design. The core competence of the school is to visualize and communicate future designs and create them so that they make the greatest possible difference to the user. Design is always based on the user and looks at how changes - for example, having to use new products - make sense of users' everyday lives.

DSKD contributes with this design professional competence in the development of InnoCan's test centre. The test centre will support a faster development and implementation of innovative solutions for cancer patients than is the case today. DSKD is involved in the development of the test centre's system design and creation of visual tools to support relevant stakeholders in their development and testing processes. Additionally DSKD facilitates co-creation workshops to involve relevant stakeholders in the process and extract learnings to the test centre's design and offers.

Laila Green Truelsen
+45 91 33 30 12

Designskolen Kolding
Ågade 10
DK-6000 Kolding