Department of Oncology, Odense University Hospital

28. Nov 2016
The Department of Oncology at Odense University Hospital is one of the three largest in Denmark.

The Deparment of Oncology at Odense University Hospital is one of the three largest oncology departments in Denmark and treats patients with all cancer diagnoses. The department has an outpatient clinic, which annually provides 17,000 chemotherapy treatments. Furthermore there is a radiation therapy, which annually provide 41,000 treatments.

The department has patients from across the region and for certain cancer diagnoses from across the country. It has 5,600 new referred patients every year.

The Department of Oncology comprises the hospital's largest clinical research unit with 16 project nurses employed. The clinical research unit assists doctors in the department in planning and implementation of clinical research, and there are continuously 40-50 open clinical trials ongoing in the department. In addition, the department holds five professors, within their own diagnostics area.
In 2014, the department was awarded the title of elite research center for the elderly and cancer, with the name Academy of Geriatric Cancer Research (AgeCare). AgeCare involves more than 50 national partners and around 20 international partners. Read more about the elite research center AgeCare on

Professor, Head of Research. Jørn Herrstedt
+45 65 41 36 34

Odense Universitetshospital
Sdr. Boulevard 29, Indgang 99 2.sal
DK-5000 Odense