The Cancer Registry, Schleswig-Holstein

21. Nov 2016
The Institute of Cancer Epidemiology works with the occurrence and distribution of cancer in the population. The institute operates the cancer registry and researches in the treatment of cancer.

The cancer registry (IKE) was founded in 1996 and is affiliated with the University of Lübeck. IKE has two tasks: Research in the field of cancer epidemiology and management of tasks from the regional registration unit in Schleswig-Holstein. Cancer epidemiologists research in the spread of cancer compared to the general health of selected population groups.

It is compulsory to register cancer cases in Schleswig-Holstein. Both doctors and dentists in Schleswig-Holstein are obliged to notify all new incidences of malignant tumors to the cancer data register. IKE's job is in addition to data processing and data storage primarily data analysis. These include cancer reporting and evaluation in relation to any local fluctuations.

IKE's attachment to the University of Lübeck provides the opportunity to complement the analysis and evaluation of the regional cancer cases with the latest knowledge in oncology (cancer treatment) and epidemiology. IKE has participated as an advisor on several oncology research projects. And additionally IKE also has its own research projects. The focus is here on the evaluation of measures for early detection of cancer, the analysis of population-related effect of screening and spatial analyzes of cancer epidemiology.

Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Katalinic
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Christiane Rudolph, M.Sc.
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