New measuring device

12. Oct 2016
The measuring device called C3 will in the future be able to discover if the cancer patient has an irregular pulse, temperature or respiratory rate. All this without the patient being disturbed.

The C3 measuring device
The C3 measuring device can monitor the patient more accurately than is the case today. With patches the sensor is placed on the patient’s chest and measures pulse, temperature and respiratory rate. If there are variations in the condition of the patient, the health care personnel can very quickly react since they regularly receive data on the patient. The company Cortrium ApS has developed the C3 device. 

Gentle treatment    
The goal is for the C3 measuring device in the future can ensure that patients are monitored better during their hospitalization. In addition, the patients can also get a better night’s sleep as the nurse in the future does not have to wake the patient to make routine measurements. Today patients are checked up on, up to five times every night. Finally, the C3 device will also be able to relieve the health care personnel with regards to the manual measurements they perform today. 

The test run
The health care personnel at the oncology ward at Zealand University Hospital Næstved has in 2016 performed the first test with the C3 device on the hospitalized patients. The test has been done in a close interdisciplinary collaboration between University College Absalon, the Design School Kolding and the consolidated unit PFI in Region Zealand. In 2017 the C3 device will go through further testing in Germany at the hospitals respectively in Kiel and Lübeck. The purpose of the test is to determine how accurately the C3 device measures compared to the manual measurements, which are done by the personnel at the cancer wards today. In addition, the test will provide insight into the patients’ experience of being measured with the C3 device and the personnel’s experiences in working with it. The C3 test provides important lessons for building a future test center for new product. Furthermore, Cortrium uses these experiences to product develop and mature the C3 even more. 

Søren Tvilsted, PFI
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