Innovative patient involvement

19. Oct 2016
Patients’ wishes must be taken into account in increasing extent and communication between patient and doctor must be improved.

Patient involvement
It is important for the patients' treatment that health professionals involve them in this. Especially in the transition from inpatient to outpatient care the need for greater involvement of patients arises.

E-diary and questionnaires
New IT technology developed in Denmark offers patients and health professionals new opportunities in communication via E-diary and questionnaires. This allows the health professionals to target and adapt the follow-up studies, so they concern the problems that the patients experience as most urgent.

Danish method in Germany?
The goal is to further develop the Danish method and examine whether it can be used in the German health care system. In the future this could provide better communication between doctors and patients, and thereby ensuring more rewarding follow-up interviews for both parties.

This part of InnoCan is a collaboration between the cancer registry of Schleswig-Holstein (IKE) and the Danish Cancer Society. 

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