Cross-border documentation

19. Oct 2016
Data will be analyzed; differences in how long you live after a cancer diagnosis and the reasons for the differences will be identified.

Cross-border documentation
Denmark and Northern Germany have a population-based cancer data registration. This registration provides the health professionals with new knowledge of cancer diseases. In addition to information about diagnoses and time of diagnosis, the registries also have information about the time of death by comparing data from the population register and death certificates. This allows the cancer registries to calculate the number of new cases of cancer, the chances of survival after a cancer diagnosis and the mortality rate.

Further development of a fruitful cooperation
Based on a prior project to InnoCan, there has already been established a cooperation between the cancer registry in Schleswig-Holstein and the Danish Cancer Society. In the previous project the survival rate for breast and colorectal cancer for the inhabitants in Northern Germany and Southern Denmark was calculated. In this analysis, the researchers found regional differences, which will now be analyzed in detail. For this purpose, clinical data are needed.

Danish-German differences in cancer registration
In Denmark it is possible to link cancer registry data with other clinical data. In Germany, the clinical cancer registries are under construction. Therefore, the Germans have to take samples from other data sources. In InnoCan, researchers from the Danish Cancer Society and the cancer registry of Schleswig-Holstein will identify comparable data sources. The goal is to explain the recorded differences in survival rates in Denmark and Germany. Questions in relation to this could be if the differences are due to regional differences in living, medical treatment or whether it is due to different treatment in Germany and Denmark. In the long term, consistent monitoring of cancer spread and the medical treatment will contribute to an improvement of the quality of care and patient satisfaction.

This part of InnoCan is a collaboration between the cancer registry of Schleswig-Holstein (IKE) and the Danish Cancer Society. 

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