19. Oct 2016The completion of the C3 test at the Department of Oncology in Næstved

19. Oct 2016
Last week the Department of Oncology at the University of Southern Denmark, Næstved had cause for celebration. The testing of the measuring unit called the ‘C3’ had been completed. The goal is to improve the treatment for cancer patients.

Since February 2016 the Department of Oncology has tested the C3 measuring unit. The small device is placed on the patient’s chest and can measure temperature, respiratory rate and pulse. The information is sent directly to a unit where the nurse can retrieve the data. This means that in the future the patient will not have to be unduly disturbed by the nurse, who normally does the measurements manually up to five times a day. 

A part of a larger test
The Department of Oncology in Næstved has alongside the routine measurements, placed the C3 on the patient every time the patient was to be examined. More than 200 measurements have been performed in the test to be able to improve treatment in the future. The Development Nurse Anna Lohman has been in charge of collecting data and keeping an eye on the process. 

- The patients say they cannot feel it, when wearing the C3 on their chest, development nurse in Næstved, Anna Lohman, explains.

The department has taken the lead in testing and developing the C3 and has participated in improving the device. The Department of Oncology want to be in the game when it comes to new research. 

- It has been our incentive to improve the circumstances of the patient and we all want to participate in developing something useful that has an effect for the patient, explains development nurse Susanne Johansen, from the Department of Oncology in Næstved. 

A successfully completed test run was celebrated with cake. The C3 will now be tested in two hospitals in Germany and in Odense.