Clinical guidelines on cancer treatment

19. Oct 2016
Guidelines for cancer treatment will be compared, differences in treatment must be identified and recommendations for the registration of clinical cancer data will be put forward.

Clinical guidelines
The clinical guidelines applicable to cancer treatments in Denmark and Germany consist in systematic and usually consistent summaries of current medical knowledge. On this background, the registries deliver recommendations on the best treatment to the doctors. The registries have developed clinical guidelines for the majority of the various cancer diseases, including breast and colorectal cancer.

Differences and similarities in patient care
The Danish Cancer Society and the cancer registry in Schleswig-Holstein will also provide a mapping of the Danish and German guidelines for the treatment of breast and colorectal cancer. For this purpose the two cancer registries collect and compare the current guidelines. In addition, the guidelines will be compared to clinical-epidemiological cancer registry data. This comparison will provide information about similarities and differences in patient treatment in Denmark and Germany and provide a valuable foundation for assessing the survival rate after a breast or colorectal cancer diagnosis.

Future development of cancer data
The data supported analysis will also provide information on any deviations from the existing recommendations for treatment and provides an opportunity to discuss the differences with the cancer ward. In the longer term, in the light of the new results the researchers will be able to make new recommendations for the future development of cancer data registration. The purpose is to establish a comprehensive clinical cancer data registration in Germany and the harmonization of a common data analysis method in Europe.

This part of InnoCan is a collaboration between the cancer registry of Schleswig-Holstein (IKE) and the Danish Cancer Society. 

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