Cancer statistics

16. Jan 2018
The Danish Cancer Society and the Cancer Registry Schleswig-Holstein worked together to produce common fact sheets on all cancers and five individual cancer entities (breast, colorectal, head and neck, lung and prostate cancers).

The factsheets contain information on descriptive epidemiological measures for the three project regions Zealand, Region South and Schleswig-Holstein, whereby all information is stratified by gender. On the back of the factsheets, you will find a glossary explaining the most important technical terms.

Fact sheet on all cancers
Men suffer more frequently form newly diagnosed cancers than women - this observation applies to all three program regions. Similarly, mortality from cancer is higher among men than among women. Also, older people are more likely to develop and die of cancer than the younger ones. However, younger and middle aged women are more frequently diagnosed with cancer than men due to different patterns in cancer sites (e.g. breast cancer). The incidence rates remained stable between 2005 and 2014. In Denmark, it was pleasing to observe that the death rate decreased significantly during this period. However, nearly 30% of all deaths in the five year period 2010-2014 are due to cancer.