09. Jun 2017Blood testing apparatus at home

09. Jun 2017
HemoCue-blood testing apparatus
The first patients have been included in the HemoCue test at the Oncology Department at Sjælland University Hospital in Næstved. The blood test ing apparatus will be tested in the patient's home.

At the beginning of 2017, the HemoCue device was tested on outpatient and hospitalized patients at Odense University Hospital. Now HemoCue is tested at the Oncology Department at Sjælland University Hospital in Næstved. This time in the patient's home.
More people are diagnosed with cancer, and an increase of 30 percent in cancer cases is expected over the next 20 years. During the course of medical cancer treatment, blood samples must be taken to monitor side effects and adjust treatment.
The patient must come in for blood tests before each treatment, which results in additional time for transport, among other things. If the patient can take a blood test with a device in his og her own home, the medical professionals would - in the furture - be able to prescribe treatments based on e.g. these blood samples. The patient would already at home be able to see if the blood values ​​are good enough to receive the planned chemotherapy. If the numbers are not as desired, the patient saves an unnecessary trip to the hospital. Also for the health service, it will have a gain, as the hospital thus receives fewer visits from the patient.
The test runs from the beginning of June until the desired number of patients is reached.